South Coos River Lane

After an unusually wet winter, a section of South Coos River Lane near Coos Bay, OR slid into the river in March, 2017. Coos County made emergency repairs that allowed one lane of traffic on the road until a permanent solution could be engineered and constructed. David Evans and Associates from Salem, Oregon was selected as the engineering firm on the project and went to work on the plans. West Coast Contractors (WCC) was selected as the general contractor by competitive bid in November, 2017 and began preliminary work immediately thereafter.

The work will consist of a sheet pile retaining wall approximately 300 lineal feet long with a double row of tiebacks up to 100 ft. long anchored into rock. The sheets will be driven to a depth of 55 ft. to the subterranean sandstone that is present throughout the area.

WCC has been busy with many such repairs brought on by the wet El Niño conditions during the recent past, and is pleased to be working with Coos County and David Evans and Associates on this project. The work is scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2018.

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